Chung Hua Mansion


After – February 2016


Before –


– 253 residents were evicted from the homes at Chung Hua Mansion, 191 Jeppe Street twice (2009 and 2010).

– The eviction was proceeded by the owner and security officials without authorising via a court order.

– An eviction order was granted against the residents given that they provide alternative accommodation as near as possible to Chung Hua (2012). However the City of Johannesburg did not comply with this.  The owner also set fire to the ground floor restricting accessibility.

– The City of Johannesburg appealed an order that held them responsible for housing the residents. They consequently missed their extended deadlines in September also.

– Chung Hua mansions was sold and the new owners evicted the residents once again in the same building, again without a court order (November 2015).

– After failed attempts to house the residents, SERI orchestrated proceedings against the mayor of Johannesburg.

– Residents were moved to temporary accommodation  in Turfontein (2016), but only 93 people were accommodated for.

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